GeoGebra Exam Apps for Android Tablets and Chromebooks

The GeoGebra Exam Apps allow you and your students to use the power of GeoGebra during exams alongside paper and pencil (ie like a graphing calculator) while restricting their access to the Internet and other software that should not be used during the exam, see

We are currently working with exam boards in several countries developing special versions of our GeoGebra Exam Apps adapted to various needs. For example, the recently added NDerivative command and the Extremum / Roots Tools were added as part of this work. Today, we are releasing several new variants of our GeoGebra Exam Apps.

Note: While the GeoGebra Exam Apps for laptops can be customized by the user, the GeoGebra Exam Apps for Tablets each provide a different preselected set of features.

GeoGebra Exam Apps for Android Tablets

We are committed to making our exam apps available on all platforms, so iPad versions will follow in the coming months. For high-stakes exams, you can also combine the following Android exam apps with additional device-lockdown methods. For low-stakes exams, our exam apps provide a simple way to use students’ own tablets in exams without the need for any special device setup. Please see our GeoGebra Exam Tutorial on how they work.

GeoGebra Exam Simple Calculator

This is “just” a simple calculator, providing a basic version of GeoGebra’s Algebra View, while all other Views are deactivated. There are no GeoGebra tools available and access to commands is restricted to the level of a pocket calculator. However, the GeoGebra Exam Simple Calculator uses the same interface and keyboard that your students are used to using with our other GeoGebra Math Apps.

Play Store link:

GeoGebra Exam Graphing Calculator

The GeoGebra Exam Graphing Calculator combines the Algebra View and 2D Graphics View, while the CAS and 3D Graphics View are deactivated. Additionally, all commands specific to CAS are deactivated as well.

Play Store link:

GeoGebra Exam CAS

The GeoGebra Exam CAS provides access to all GeoGebra Views except the 3D Graphics View. There is no restriction concerning the use of commands or tools.

Play Store link:

GeoGebra Exam Apps for Laptops

GeoGebra Exam for Chromebooks

The GeoGebra Exam App can be customized by the users, allowing them to decide whether they want the CAS and/or 3D Views to be available during the exam.

Chrome Store link:

GeoGebra Exam Web App

The GeoGebra Exam Web App can be customized by the users, allowing them to decide whether they want the CAS and/or 3D Views to be available during the exam. The app runs in all modern browsers (eg Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, Safari) simply by opening

Your wish list!

Please try our GeoGebra Exam apps and let us know what you think. Wishes for further improvement or special adaptation to the requirements of your country/state are also very welcome. Just ask!

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GeoGebra 3D Grapher Released

We’re pleased to announce that we have now released our new 3D Grapher App for Android. As you can see, it has all the features that you expect from our desktop version’s 3D View such as:

  • Surfaces
  • Geometric objects (spheres, cones, cylinders etc)
  • Quadrics (paraboloids etc)
  • Nets (now draggable to open & close)

Net of a cube (partially folded) Cone and plane cutting the cone horizontally Hyperboloid as ruled surface by Steve Phelps

and as it is a 100% native app, it is super fast & smooth. It also works together with the 2D Graphing Calculator App if you want to work with 2D and 3D simultaneously. We’ve already made lots of improvements from the feedback we’ve received from the 30,000+ users who tried the beta version so many thanks to them!

As always, let us know what you think in the GeoGebra Forum or send us an email to and tell us what you would like added and improved over the coming months!

Get the GeoGebra 3D Grapher now from the Play Store

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GeoGebra Global Gathering 2017 – Save the Date!

The pre-registration for our 2017 GeoGebra Global Gathering in Linz, Austria, is now open. 45 countries were represented at the 2015 Global Gathering.

Meet the team. See old friends. Meet new people from around the world. Space is limited, so pre-register early to save the date and your place. See you there!


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GeoGebra 3D Grapher Coming Soon

We’re super-excited to announce that we are just putting the finishing touches to our new 3D Grapher App:

Cross-section of a cube (equilateral triangle)

Cross-section of a cube

Ruled Surface (hyperboloid of one sheet)

Ruled Surface

graph of f(x,y) = sin(x) sin(y)

f(x,y) = sin(x) sin(y)

Please try the beta-test version on your phones and tablets and let us know if you encounter any problems. Then we can release it soon for everyone to play with. Get it now from


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Algebra Neustart!

Die Algebra-Ansicht unseres online Grafikrechners hat jetzt 4 neue coole Features:

Eingabe- und Ausgabezeilen

Ähnlich wie wir es bereits seit 2011 in der CAS-Ansicht umgesetzt haben, zeigt die Algebra-Ansicht nun für die meisten Objekte sowohl die Eingabe als auch die Ausgabe in zwei Zeilen.


Exakte Bruchdarstellung

Passend zur Darstellung in zwei Reihen haben wir die Möglichkeit hinzugefügt, Brüche exakt und in Bruchschreibweise zu berechnen – wie man es auch von klassischen Taschenrechnern kennt.


Durch Klicken auf den Pfeil-Button kann ein Bruch als gerundete Dezimalzahl dargestellt werden.


Automatische Vorschau

Eine weitere große Verbesserung ist die automatische Vorschau, die Funktionen schon während der Eingabe im Grafik-Fenster darstellt. Wenn die Eingabe (noch) nicht korrekt ist, wird eine Warnung angezeigt.


Die Algebra-Ansicht verfügt nun über einen Hilfe-Button. Wird dieser gedrückt, öffnet sich eine Hilfeseite für alle verfügbaren Befehle.


Wie immer können Sie den neuesten Release hier testen: GeoGebra Grafikrechner

Wie Sie vielleicht bemerkt haben, haben sich auch ein paar Bezeichnungen bei GeoGebra geändert: GeoGebraTube heißt jetzt GeoGebra Materialien und unsere Web-Applikation mit allen Ansichten nennen wir jetzt GeoGebra Mathe Apps.
Außerdem arbeiten wir intensiv daran, den GeoGebra Grafikrechner auch für iPhone verfügbar zu machen. Die Version für iPhones orientiert sich an der Android-Version, die seit Dezember bereits über 500,000 mal installiert wurde. Nähere Details zur iPhone App demnächst hier.

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