GeoGebra MesterSKAB

GeoGebra MesterSKAB er en konkurrence for indskolingen med fokus på at skabe med GeoGebra – med flotte præmier!

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Konkurrencen skydes igang ved skolestart efter ferien. Herefter er der ca. 5 uger til at udarbejde det kreative produkt inden deadline den 16. september.

Der er blevet udarbejdet en GeoGebrabook hvor du kan læse om kriterier og ideer til hvordan du kan arbejde med GeoGebra MesterSKAB se mere på

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GeoGebra 3D Grapher Coming Soon

We’re super-excited to announce that we are just putting the finishing touches to our new 3D Grapher App:

Cross-section of a cube (equilateral triangle)

Cross-section of a cube

Ruled Surface (hyperboloid of one sheet)

Ruled Surface

graph of f(x,y) = sin(x) sin(y)

f(x,y) = sin(x) sin(y)

Please try the beta-test version on your phones and tablets and let us know if you encounter any problems. Then we can release it soon for everyone to play with. Get it now from


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Algebra Reboot!

This week we have released 4 major new features in the Algebra View of our online Graphing Calculator:

Input and Output Rows

Similar to what we have done in the CAS View since 2011, the Algebra View now shows Input and Output rows for most objects types so that you can see the calculation and the result:


Exact Fractions

To go with the the Input and Output rows, we have added the ability to do exact fraction calculations (like you are used to on regular hand-held calculators)


If you want the approximate answer, then you can press the arrow button to toggle between approximate and exact.


Automatic Preview

Another major enhancement is that when you are typing an expression in the Algebra View, you now get a preview in the Graphics View, and you also get a warning triangle when the input is not (yet) correct

Input Help

If you click on the “?” icon then you get quick access to the help for all the commands:


As always you can try out the latest and greatest release here: GeoGebra Graphing Calculator

As you may have noticed, we have been rebranding a little recently so GeoGebraTube has been renamed to GeoGebra Materials, and GeoGebra Math Apps now refers to our whole suite of Apps.
We are also working very hard currently on making GeoGebra Graphing Calculator for iPhone so we will share some more news about that soon (it will look very similar to the Android version which is now at well over 500,000 installs).

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Followers Feature on GeoGebra Profile Pages

We are pleased to announce another great feature on your GeoGebra profile page! You can now ‘Follow’ your favorite people in the GeoGebra community and get updates whenever they publish new materials.

pasted image 0

The new tab ‘Following’ lists all your Followers, as well as all people you are following, giving you easy access to their profile pages and public materials. As soon as other users start following you, you will receive a cool ‘Followers badge’ on your profile page as well, counting the number of your Followers.


Please help us to spread the news, simply by signing in to your GeoGebra account and going to tab ‘Following‘ on your profile page. There, you may search for other users you think create great materials in the GeoGebra community and ‘Follow’ them to keep up-to-date with their newest contributions!

More new features coming soon! Share your ideas and feedback on our Help page.

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GeoGebra Exam Mode

The new GeoGebra Exam Mode allows you and your students to use the power of GeoGebra during exams alongside paper and pencil (ie like a graphing calculator) while restricting their access to the Internet and other software on their computers that should not be used during the exam.

GeoGebra Exam

The GeoGebra Exam Mode …

  • can be easily accessed at
  • runs in your browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, Safari), so no additional installations are required
  • can be customized in case your students should not have access to the full power of GeoGebra, eg you can turn off CAS or 3D features for exams
  • runs in fullscreen mode so students can’t use other programs or files during an exam

If a student leaves the GeoGebra Exam window (eg by opening another browser tab), the top header of GeoGebra Exam turns red immediately. An information button shows the Exam Log with detailed information when that happened and for how long.

GeoGebra Exam Alert

GeoGebra Exam Log

For more details on how to best use the GeoGebra Exam Mode during tests and exams, please see our GeoGebra Exam Tutorial. We plan to include the Exam Mode in our offline apps (Chrome, tablet, phone) as well soon. For now, please give it a try and let us know any ideas for improvements at, thanks!

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GeoGebra Graphing Calculator Released

We?re pleased to announce the first public release of our GeoGebra Graphing Calculator! It?s for Android phones and tablets right now, iPhone and Windows will follow, watch this space!

For the first release it has the graphics and algebra views but we will be adding lots more features over the coming months. We have prepared the foundations so everything necessary is already working under-the-hood (for example the CAS engine, and you can create – but not yet display – 3D objects).

There are also some extra-cool goodies to enjoy:

  • brand-new native equation editor
  • long-tap on an object to change its properties
  • drag sliders and animate them in the Algebra View
  • freehand drawings and shape recognition
  • everything is running natively (LaTeX, CAS, graphics drawing etc) so it is super-slick to use
  • search, open and save from/to GeoGebraTube
  • find out more in our tutorial Graphing Calculator Tutorial

Graphing Search Materials Geometry

You can download it in the Play Store now for Android phones and tablets – please let us know your ideas for improvements with the ?Send Feedback? option or in our Mobile Apps forum.

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GeoGebra Groups – Collaboration for Everyone

The GeoGebra community is all about creating and sharing great materials for learning math & science. Thanks to you, we now have more than 300,000 free and interactive worksheets and books.

But wouldn?t it be nice to also hear back from your students or colleagues who you shared your materials with? We think so too! That?s why we have created GeoGebra Groups:

  • Supercool and easy collaboration between students and teachers, colleagues, and really just everyone nice out there!
  • Invite others using your Group Code
  • Post texts, images, videos, pdfs and GeoGebra worksheets to your Group
  • Add questions and interactive GeoGebra tasks for your students and give them feedback
  • Discuss your ideas with everyone or individual Group members using comments
  • Find out how to do all that and more in our GeoGebra Groups Tutorial

Try out our Groups, start to collaborate in a new way, and let us know what you think!





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GeoGebra for Phones Beta

We’re pleased to announce the first public beta-release of GeoGebra for Android Phones. We’ve already started on an iPhone app, watch this space!

For the first release it will have just the Graphics View and Algebra View but we will be adding lots more features over the coming months. We have prepared the foundations already so everything necessary is already working under-the-hood (for example the CAS engine, and you can create – but not yet display – 3D objects).

There are also some extra-cool phone-only goodies to enjoy:

  • brand-new native equation editor
  • shake your phone to update random numbers (coming soon!)
  • freehand drawings and shape recognition
  • long-tap on an object to change its properties
  • drag sliders and animate them in the Algebra View
  • everything is running natively (LaTeX, CAS, graphics drawing etc) so it is super-slick to use

You can download it in the Play Store now (for Android phones and tablets!) – please let us know what you think with the “Send Feedback” option.

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My World My Math!

Here?s a few things we really like in our world at GeoGebra:

  1. Our community? yes, YOU 🙂
  2. Our partners, and, last but not least ?
  3. Mathematics!

So we got together with a few amazing members of our community, one really awesome partner, and then turned the cameras ON. With a little fancy footwork, cutting, pasting? Voila!

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Google Summer of Code 2015

GeoGebra Summer of Code 2015

This summer, GeoGebra was again part of Google Summer of Code (GSoC) supporting young and talented open source coders. We had a very strong field of 64 students applying and were able to choose 4 of them to work with us during this summer. There were also some impressive contributions submitted by many of the other candidates which have already been incorporated into GeoGebra.

Yi-Chun (Jacky) Kuo: Native iOS App



Our current iPad app is based on a WebView so we were interested to see if Jacky could make a prototype of a native app using the quite-new RoboVM cross-compiler to convert GeoGebra?s Java code into Objective C. As part of his application he managed to get the JLaTeXMath formula engine working which was very impressive in its own right. For the first half of his project he got the full GeoGebra kernel compiled and running and for the second half he worked on drawing objects and user-interaction.

There is still a lot to do before we can make a release (for example implementing the toolbar and equation editor) but Jacky will stay on with GeoGebra after GSoC to help!


GeoGebra running in Xcode

Georgios Ouzounis: Handwritten Equation Recognition



Image showing handwritten 6x^4 + sqrt of 7x over 8+x = 4y^3 recognized and converted to an equation

Handwritten equation recognized!

Georgios made a nice web app as part of his application to collect example handwritten equations from phones and tablets and store them in a database. This was important as it allowed him to use that data when testing and training his algorithms. The three parts to his project were:

  • splitting the equation into its symbols
  • recognising the symbols
  • converting that back into GeoGebra syntax

and by the end of his project it was successfully recognizing indices, fractions and square-roots. At the moment the code is running server-side and is a little slow so the challenge for the future will be to get it running faster and client-side. Open Source libraries used: OpenCV

Thilina Madumal: Intersection Project


Polygon Intersections in 2D and 3D

Polygon Intersections in 2D and 3D!

As part of Thilina?s application, he adapted the Clipper library to compile with Java 6 and with GWT and incorporated it into GeoGebra, which he then used as part of his main GSOC project to improve the polygon operations within GeoGebra.

He has also done a lot of work on improving the Intersect command to allow the intersection of many more object types to be calculated dynamically.

Shamshad Alam: Implicit Curves Project


Family of curves cos(x y) = k

cos(x y) = k

3D plot of x^4+y^4+z^4=2

x? + y? + z? = 2

Polygon shown with an extra thin "path" drawn all the way round the outside

Shamshad also made some nice experiments with the Clipper library as part of his application

The main focus of his GSoC project was to implement plotting of implicit curves and surfaces, namely:

  • plotting of non-polynomial implicit curves (for example you can try sin(x) – sin(y) = 1 in GeoGebra Beta)
  • plotting of implicit surfaces (eg x? + y? + z? = 2)
  • extending commands for rotation, translation and other transformations to work with these object types

Thanks to all our GSoC students for a great job done during this summer!

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