Midwest Regional GeoGebra Conference 2015 June 20,21

Mark your calendars!  The Midwest Regional GeoGebra Conference will take place on June 20 and 21 next summer at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. As always, the conference will be free of charge.  The conference is sponsored by the GeoGebra Institute of Ohio.

The last GeoGebra Conference at Miami University was the North American GeoGebra Conference in the summer of 2013.

We will blog more about the conference as details become finalized. For now, we are looking forward to renewing old GeoGebra friendships and making new ones!

Math teacher at Madeira High School in Cincinnati, Ohio. Co-founder of the GeoGebra Institute of Ohio, the First Local Institute in North America. Teaches AP Statistics, Calculus, and Computer Science after a long time teaching Geometry and Algebra.

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11 comments on “Midwest Regional GeoGebra Conference 2015 June 20,21
  1. todd edwards says:

    June 20-21!

  2. T.Mathiyalagan says:

    Good news

  3. Nilma Shrestha says:

    I want to participate in this conference in the June. Please give me some guidelines

  4. Shraddha Nayak says:

    I teach IB Math in an international school in Mumbai. I would really like to join the workshop. I am a beginner, so would want to know if this workshop is appropriate for myself. If there are any other conferences held elsewhere, I would really appreciate it if you could share that information.

  5. Kyle Haidet says:

    Can you please send me more details about where (building/room) and when (time of day) the conference will take place? I am a teacher who is new to Geogebra and needs to learn. What materials should I bring with me? Thanks.

  6. cfischer says:

    4 math teachers from Worthington Christian HS would like to register for the GeoGebra conference at Miami University that is offered in June.
    Thank you for contacting for reply.
    Mrs. Cathy Fischer

  7. Mike Smith says:

    There are a lot of good open source programs out there, but not many of them have direct application to a mathematics classroom the way Geogebra does. Its amazing tool . I love to use it.

  8. Radha says:

    Is there any Geogebra conference in future

  9. T.Mathiyalagan says:

    I participated at geogebra Midwest conference 2015. It was a fantastic event . I really enjoyed and gained enough knowledge about GeoGebra. Congratulation for event Organizer specially to Prof.Todd Edward and Steve Philips

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