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Fast, Beautiful LaTeX comes to GeoGebraTube

We’ve made a major change to GeoGebraTube and our Chrome App. We have updated the formula renderer (otherwise known as LaTeX renderer) to use the same version as in the desktop version. This means that mathematical formulas in our applets and web application will

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GeoGebra Global Gathering

We are happy to inform you that the official registration and abstract submission for the GeoGebra Global Gathering Conference are now open. Join us at our GeoGebra Global Gathering (G3, 2015) July 15 – 17 in Linz in Austria and register

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Volume of Pyramids with GeoGebra

“That which is provable, ought not to be believed in science without proof,” said Richard Dedekind.  The formula for the volume of a pyramid is usually learnt in junior forms without any proof.  One may think that such proofs require calculus.  In

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New GeoGebra Tablet Apps with 3D

We are pleased to announce that our fully fledged GeoGebra 5 with 3D View is now also available for Android tablets and iPads. We’ve got a little more work to do before we can launch in the Windows Store, but

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Midwest Regional GeoGebra Conference 2015 June 20,21

Mark your calendars!  The Midwest Regional GeoGebra Conference will take place on June 20 and 21 next summer at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. As always, the conference will be free of charge.  The conference is sponsored by the GeoGebra Institute

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CPD at The GeoGebra Institute of Sheffield (GIS)

Five days of GeoGebra CPD courses ranging from Beginners through to Advanced are being held at Sheffield Hallam University this academic year. Each day is free and runs from 10:00 to 15:30 Beginners: Saturday 22nd November 2014 Saturday 17th January

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What-If-Not Conic Constructions: The Parabola Construction

It seems like much of the focus in mathematics in High Schools (beyond standardized testing, that is) is on problem solving. However, without good problems to solve, it is difficult to engage in any real problem solving. The What-If-Not strategy for

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GeoGebra goes Web, Touch, and 3D

Today, we have released our new GeoGebra Chrome App and GeoGebra Web App including a brand-new user interface that works great both with Touch and Mouse, so you can use it on laptops, desktops and tablets all the great features you know from

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GeoGebra goes 3D

Phew! We’€™ve had to rewrite pretty much the whole of GeoGebra to achieve this, and we’€™ve had to do this while doing other cool things like HTML5 & the CAS View but finally we’€™re ready to release GeoGebra 5 with

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Intro to GeoGebra Workshop — October 23

The Rochester Public Schools is hosting a teacher inservice training on GeoGebra — October 23, 2013  from 8:00 – 11:00am The training is organized by the school district, but outside teachers may attend if they e-mail in advance. There is

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