GeoGebra Graphing Calculator Released

We’re pleased to announce the first public release of our GeoGebra Graphing Calculator! It’s for Android phones and tablets right now, iPhone and Windows will follow, watch this space!

For the first release it has the graphics and algebra views but we will be adding lots more features over the coming months. We have prepared the foundations so everything necessary is already working under-the-hood (for example the CAS engine, and you can create – but not yet display – 3D objects).

There are also some extra-cool goodies to enjoy:

  • brand-new native equation editor
  • long-tap on an object to change its properties
  • drag sliders and animate them in the Algebra View
  • freehand drawings and shape recognition
  • everything is running natively (LaTeX, CAS, graphics drawing etc) so it is super-slick to use
  • search, open and save from/to GeoGebraTube
  • find out more in our tutorial Graphing Calculator Tutorial

Graphing Search Materials Geometry

You can download it in the Play Store now for Android phones and tablets – please let us know your ideas for improvements with the “Send Feedback” option or in our Mobile Apps forum.

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